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After working in the home building and renovation sphere for 40 years, I’m known for exploring the bones of a home and sharing my thoughts or insight around potential issues I see. 

For me, the business is about trust and loyalty of the client. When clients trust me to help them make the biggest purchase of their life, I don’t take it lightly or for granted. My background has afforded me a chance to transcend many different real estate markets; there is not an obstacle in this arena I haven’t seen or helped my clients overcome.

That’s what builds trust.

Business is not only built on the trust you have with your clients, but it also depends heavily on the people you work alongside. I began Petrocelli Homes Realty Group, and was overjoyed to bring my daughter, Jennifer, on board. She and I work to create a peaceful atmosphere around the home buying process. Together, we’re a great team, pushing the boundaries of what most people expect from their Realtors.

In this current stage of my career, I’m honored to serve as a broker in both my home state of California as well as my new state of Idaho. When I’m not working, I enjoy volunteering with my local Search and Rescue Team. I also take the time to go on off-roading adventures, ride my Harley Davidson, play the drums and get in a good game of β€œfetch” with my Goldendoodle, Riley.

Through the years, I’ve learned that everything, even down to my career path – all of it has a powerful purpose. And I’m lucky to have found mine. 

For me, the art of business – real estate or otherwise – has always been grounded in strong family roots, as well as a diverse career background.

I first entered the working world as a teenager, when I proudly decided to serve the United States Navy through three tours in Vietnam – I attribute much of my administration expertise through my time in the military. 

As I grew older, I took on various roles and began my own business ventures in construction, independent contractor management, custom home building and remodeling. As a result, I walked into real estate rather organically, having already established myself as a professional who really knows homes.  

Because, when it comes to selling a home, there’s no one a real estate client trusts more than someone who has a firm and educated grasp on its quality and craftsmanship. 

(510) 750-3797

Broker | Owner 

Serving Treasure Valley, Idaho + Bay Area, California

John Petrocelli

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ride my Harley, or go on

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